An alternative to the Transport Workers Union, its another choice? Did you come to our page looking for another option? Many do! Just like the TV ads say “you won’t void your warranty if you get your car serviced elsewhere.

We have Members from the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Redlands, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Bundaberg, Townsville as far as Darwin. “Today northern Australia, tomorrow the world” as they say.

To join us All you need to do is click the Register button above and join. We are cheaper than the Transport Workers Union, and you know we need alternative choices to keep them honest.

We did it in February 2018 just seven (7) of us, “Drivers” we got together and did what others have dreamed about. While others have searched for alternatives and asked other Unions to help, the seven of us did it! Now we say to you if you are seeking an alternative “we are it” Support us, Drivers for Drivers.

We have made it through to the two-year mark and have achieved some special milestones which you can read about in “About Bus and Coach Drivers Association.”

Driver Safety Survey

What if now the Government had more than one group, “the Union” to negotiate with, more than one Association asking for safe workplaces, more than one lobbying for your interests. That is why alternatives are important. Its easy to push aside one argument but not so easy to push aside two or three, and that is why we have a place for Bus Drivers to be represented.

Bus and Coach Drivers Association Incorporated is a professional Industrial association devoted solely to professional needs and interests of Drivers. Its primary function is the welfare of Drivers, which can range from Working Conditions, Enterprise Bargaining Representatives, Disciplinary Matters, Dispute Resolution, Negotiations with Management, Applications for permanency, leave etc. We have access to professional people in Industrial Law, as well as focusing on you personal development, well-being, submissions before Government, the collection and analysis of statistical data for Industry improvements and matters about employment laws and advocacy.

No political party involvement means the focus is on member needs and lower costs.  Association structure empowers members and branches.  The Constitution and By-Laws decentralise the power and keep policy development processes open.  The Bus and Coach Drivers’ Association of Queensland Inc. is a non-political party alternative to the Union. Every membership dollar supports you, your workplace issues, provides you with legal backup. You get a better service for less than the Union price.

No Party Politics

 With no class wars to fight, no party-political agendas to fulfil, no ideological barrows to push and no exorbitant executive salaries to pay, bus and coach drivers association inc is designed exclusively to look after its members’

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