Bus and Coach Drivers Association Inc stemmed from a discussion between a group of Drivers some time back voicing their annoyance at the union and their belief surrounding the inherent lack of support and the mass numbers of drivers being terminated for what seemed to be minor or for Management purposes.

Bus and Coach Drivers Association Inc was cautiously grown to allow the back-end systems to be developed and for ongoing research and collaboration with Drivers to take place.

As a professional association devoted solely to professional needs and interests of Drivers. Its primary function is the welfare of Drivers, which can range from personal development, welfare, submissions before Government, the collection and analysis of statistical data for Industry improvements and matters about employment laws and advocacy.

Listen as Allan Murray explains the RIGHTS and MEANING of an INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION.

In December 2019 Bus and Coach Drivers Association Inc merged its interests with Q Drivers First in Queensland, this gave members access to some wonderful mechanisms of support through the collaborative efforts of the teams who started Nurses Professional Association Australia.

What Members have in common is that we are going to pretty much use the same 20 specialist lawyers and industrial relations consultant support team which has proved so successful for them.

New industrial and antidiscrimination laws coming into play on 1 January confirm that we now have the same standing as the TWU. Yes, that is right. BCDA is a Trade Union under the Fair Work Act just like the TWU. But like the NPAQ we, are not a registered Trade Union and we never want to be. Apart from automatic “right of entry”, which we neither want nor need, we can do everything that a registered union can do. (If we wanted to, we have the right to apply for Right of Entry. And yes, we would get it).

There is nothing that the TWU can do for you that we can’t do, and wait for it, we are $250 cheaper and specialise with bus and coach drivers. Under our proposed new merged arrangements we are also barred from using member funds for any party political purpose. Protection without the politics. That is the main reason we will continue to be cheaper and yet still offer better service.

Under Australian Constitutional law all employees have the absolute unfettered right to not only join but also to form their own unions. In 2020 it will be an offence for any employer to discriminate against any employee by virtue of which union they may be a member of. It will also be an offence to misrepresent a “workplace right” such as to say that “BCDA union cannot represent you”. So if you think that being part of a new era in employee representation then here is the chance to click membership and join.