Buses Leaking & Not Safe

Leaking Bus

Bus Drivers across the country are complaining about the poor condition of buses and how they are expected to continue to work having rain leaking in the Bus – its a form of water torture having rain dripping on your head all shift.

The Boss would not sit at his desk with water constantly washing over his stuff, every time you turn a corner a wave of water pours from the ceiling, dashes swimming with waves of water waiting for you to turn that next corner to end up in your lap.

Feet slipping on wet pedals is distracting, you end up watching the wave of water trying not to be drowned in it or the wet crouch you will be forced to wear all shift. Our Bus Drivers Safety needs to be given priority.

Not to mention the cold water shock of the buckets of water dumping all over you as you move off from a set of lights.

Some of these Bus required passengers to use umbrella’s not to mention the wet seats our passengers have to sit in, its a farce, its all good when dry but when it finally rains it goes to shit, no-one is inspecting the buses for waterproofing at the Inspection stations. Our Passenger Safety needs to be given priority.

Not unheard of Drivers reporting smoke coming from dash boards as the water gets into the electronics.

Enough with all the other factors impacting drivers is a dry place to work, so hard to get?

Put Drivers First and they will look after the Passengers